Established in 2011 and based in TelAviv and Brussels, The studio led by Tamar Levit and Yaen Levi, produces locally handmade capsule collections, creating fashion installations, performances and spatial works and are part of the artistic research program in Apass, Brussels.


MUSLIN BROTHERS weaves raw elements and basic forms into their clothes. Poetic and casual characters are infused with humor, playfulness and cultural criticism. The silhouettes are structured to blur gender identity as they are designed for men and woman alike.

Introducing MOB- the studio's research body,

MOB examine fashion's significant part in the cultural production, human communication, and urban space comprehension. Thus it transgress the borders between public and private, familiar social rituals into abstract appearances.


Surfacing as a contemporary fashion duo, Muslin Brothers has been selected for designer in residency at London’s Centre for Fashion Enterprise and ArtEZ academy, their work shown in TelAviv Museum of Art, Tisch gallery NewYork, the Israel museum and other range of international platforms.



to the performances and installations portfolio

genderless middle east fashion brand with cultural criticism. Contemporary fashion design from Tel Aviv.

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